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An exciting afternoon spelunking turns into a desperate descent when your partner free falls into the depths of the earth. Did he survive? Can you rescue him without losing yourself along the way? And what was that noise in the dark?

The answers await you in The Chasm, an atmospheric experience with actual gameplay.

If people like the game we will develop a full VR version, as it was originally meant to be.

You can download a bugfixed version here:



- Fix rope elasticity launching the player to the moon

- Fix end dialogue in skeletons cinematic being cut off

- Fix incorrect title in system tray

- Fix corpses activating checkpoints

- Fix lava pivot having a hitbox

- Fix lava being climbable

- Fix lava not killing the player


Mouse wheel up or down to move up or down the rope

Left Click on the cave wall to place a climbing pin

W to swing forward

A or D to shuffle left or right


Aidan Possemiers

Briana Possemiers

Andrew Joy

Matthew Joy

Most environmental art made with Quixel Megascans and most ambient sound effects sourced from Soundly.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Author2Bit Studios
TagsAtmospheric, Singleplayer, Thriller


the-chasm-win64.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Nov 22, 2019


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The rope shot so hard out of my butt and launched me into spacce, still fun!

Really enjoyed this, gameplay was one of a kind and yet felt totally natural! Very memorable :)


Muito bom o desafio


When I try the play the screen is completely black, no flashlight, nothing except for the button prompts to place pins.

Sorry we have no idea what is causing this and haven't been able to replicate the problem. Very sorry.

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Played your game in an indie romp video, I do hope you enjoy.

Gotta say, i really liked the rappelling mechanic. you did a very good job with that!


Could use some polish but the concept could be interesting if implemented right.


LOVED IT! Love the concept n the voice acting! NEED MOORE! Dont end it like thaaatt! Daayum :d


i couldn't see anything

The game is meant to be pretty dark but if you're having problems seeing things then you can try raising the brightness in the main menu.


Very awesome experience! Keep up the amazing work.


Hell yes I'm really hyped to play this


A playthrough by Alpha Beta Gamer


this was pretty awesome! too bad we don't find out what happens next :D

Definitely feels VRey but if it was vr only, I would not have been able to play. Great work!

Thanks for playing our game! I think you played it before we had our bugfix version up, but nearly all of the bugs you encountered have been fixed.

And yeah, we're keen to release a VR version of this game if enough people like it!