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Download Fixed Version Here

Changes in fixed version:

  • Fixed 'Play' button that broke during build.
  • Fixed pedestal material that disappeared during build.
  • Fixed AI blueprint that broke during build.
  • Fixed screen effect for different resolutions.
  • Fixed ending sequence UI not showing properly.
  • Added instruction in-game.
  • Scaled up wall light mesh.
  • Fixed spear trail effect not showing.
  • Packaged as shipping build instead of debug.

Made for Epic MegaJam 2018

Go back in time to thwart an ancient evil hidden in the Egyptian pyramids.

Team Name - 2Bit Studios

Controls - 

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Left Click - Change dimensions (toggle between real and shadow)
  • Right Click - Secondary item

Content not made by us - 

  • Egyptian brick, Sand dune, Hieroglyph, Sand smart materials based on materials from Substance Share
  • Sound effects from soundly
  • Music made in FL using Roli seaboard and stock plugins
  • Images for intro movie from Wiki media commons
  • Animations from starter content and Mixamo


2Bit_SnakesInTheSand.zip 723 MB

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